Are You Connected to Your Mars Energy?


When I discovered that the days of the week are related to seven planets in our solar system some pennies began to drop. This relationship with the planets can, and often does, have an impact on how we may feel on any given day and how much or little energy we may have. Or how in balance or out of balance we may be feeling.

This relationship with planetary energy had me thinking this week as for three Tuesdays in a row I was feeling out of sorts. I felt lack lustre and low in energy and couldn’t settle to any one task. I was bobbing around with little idea or direction about where to focus my energy. When I took some time to enquire within myself, I was referred by my inner voice to connect with the planet that corresponds to Tuesdays.

Mars is the planet associated with Tuesday. Mars energy helps us to take action when we are feeling stuck as it creates an openness to change, our response to change and making changes. New ideas and concepts also come under Mars’ influence and I realised I wasn’t in tune or dialled into the frequency or vibration of this potentially exciting energy.

So where was I stuck emotionally? What changes, or symptoms relating to change, was making me feel lack lustre? Where was the passion in my life? What projects was I trying to get off the ground that were making me feel uncomfortable? Where was the excitement and enjoyment in my life?

A lot of questions! However, bit by bit I formed a picture of where I was struggling and realised that with the assistance of the go getting, action orientated, and projective energy of Mars I could turn the lack lustre Tuesdays into active, getting tasks and projects started Tuesdays. Yay for Mars!  I could turn lack lustre Tuesdays into exciting and dynamic Tuesdays!

As I connected into this energy I began to feel freer, less incumbered, being open to change, and increased enjoyment with life.

From further research I see that Tuesdays are also good days for a workout, so those of us who have promised ourselves to become more active then consider being more active on a Tuesday! This will surely move some of that stagnant energy!

I also realised that I had been denying myself of some of the things that bring me pleasure so I have relaxed the controls in this area and I am feeling much more in the flow of the good things in life!

At the end of the day, and in this case Tuesday, life is all about balance and being aware of our imbalances and doing what we can to address these imbalances.

Life is a journey after all and we have seven planetary energies just waiting to help us on any given day.

May you connect to your Mars energy each and every Tuesday and any day that you wish to take action and get that project underway.

Blessings to you on your journey of soul.

Enjoy every twist and turn.

Tessa Jonassen

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