Thoughts On The Rhythm of Life

Do you find that each day has its own rhythm and sometimes we are in synch with that rhythm and other days we are out of step? Do you find that it is harder to find your rhythm on somedays more than others?

This morning as I stood before my altar preparing for my day I reached out for a grounding blend of essential oils. As I anointed myself with this Earth Element blend from First Light® Porta Alchemica and inhaled its fragrance an image of a hammock came into my mind. I saw the hammock gently swaying in a warm breeze by the ocean.  As it swayed from side to side, letting the elements take control, I felt my body come into the rhythm of the day. My day, at my pace, no rushing. I felt grounded, lively, free, present, ready and prepared for the day.

Connect With Your Inner Essence

Now I wasn’t able to physically to spend the day in a hammock, but just by connecting with the image I was able to connect with my inner essence and listen to the message from within. Today my soul wanted to walk gently on the earth, to take each moment as it came and let the day unfold. To allow my inner and out rhythm to come into sync.

This unfoldment has inspired me to write today and let my creative juices flow. As well as working I have had a short walk, sat under an oak tree admiring the abundance of acorns that adorn its branches and placed my feet upon the grass. I felt grounded, alive and rested.

How Does Your Soul Talk To You?

When you connect to your soul where does it take you? What images fill your mind? What ritual do you like to begin your day with?

I was reminded about this Native American proverb again today:

‘there are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart … pursue those’  

Thanks for listening

Tessa Jonassen

Modern Day Medicine Woman and Founder of Harmonia – Healing for the Soul and My Bottle of Goodness


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