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Ear Candling Therapy

Ear candling is offered to those people who have the following conditions

Excess or compacted earwax

Blocked or irritated sinuses


Glue Ear

Blocked ears from colds or flu

Ringing in the ears


We specialise in offering this service to


Children over the age of 6

Divers, Swimmers, Frequent Flyers

How do Ear Candles work?

The candles, made from cotton impregnated with bees wax, work on a chimney principal and may draw impurities that are contributing to blocked ears to the surface so they may be removed. This may result in the equalising of pressure in the ears and may remove excess or compacted earwax.

The Ear Candling Therapy Session – what can I expect?

Lying comfortably on your side, perhaps listening to relaxing music, the candle is gently placed in the auditory canal in a vertical position. It held at all times by the therapist. The candle is then lit and held in place whilst it burns thus causing the chimney effect.

First Light® Flower Essences – Sacred Plant Medicine Therapy

We offer clients the opportunity to have a personalised blend of specially selected flower essences created for them.

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essence therapy is offered to clients who wish to address the possible underlying cause of a condition to support them following their Ear Candling therapy.

Flower essences are a suitable safe non invasive therapy to support a wide variety of conditions including



Mood Swings


Learning difficulties

Worries of all kinds


Grief, sorrow and sadness

Ear Candling Therapy Fees

$70 per 45 minute session

$90 per 45 minute session with a 25ml First Light® Flower essence blend supplied in a dropper bottle to take home

Still feeling lovely and relaxed and loving the clear headiness – Nicola

I was walking on marshmallow, you brought me equilibrium – Abbie

Take a long deep breaths and connect deeply with the earth – the heartbeat of the land

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