Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing – Medicine for the Soul

An holistic therapy offering support to connect body, mind and soul. Reiki energy healing offers support for anyone presenting with these conditions

Feelings of being separated from your soul or spirit

Worry, stress, anxiety

Physical tension or fatigue

Emotional and mental exhaustion

Patterns of fear and depression

Grief, loss, sorrow

Relationship concerns

Depletion of energy or life force

Lack of enthusiasm for life

Inertia, lack of direction or purpose

Wishing to find more meaning in life

Loss of connection to the uniqueness of self

Recovering from illness, injury or surgery

Holistic Reflexology

Holistic Reflexology – Rest Relax Restore

An holistic therapy offering relief from stress, anxiety and tension and other conditions including

Physical, emotional and mental stress and tension

Hormonal, digestive, reproductive imbalances, sluggish lymphatic system

Disturbed sleep patterns

Feelings of burn out and exhaustion

Lack of balance in the life

Loss of equilibrium – feeling scattered

Uncertainty, worry, fear

What is Holistic Reflexology

Working with the principal that the feet map all the body systems and organs by gently working each reflex point of the top and bottoms of the feet and lower legs these systems and organs may be brought back into balance. In addition reflexology allows the body to relax and in this state of relaxation holistic healing may occur.

Ear candling

Ear Candling Therapy

Ear candling is offered to those people who have the following conditions

Excess or compacted earwax

Blocked or irritated sinuses


Glue Ear

Blocked ears from colds or flu

Ringing in the ears


We specialise in offering this service to


Children over the age of 6

Divers, Swimmers, Frequent Flyers

Flower Essence Consultations and Flower Card Readings

Welcome to the Magical World of First Light® Flower Essences 

Uplift Your Spirit with a Bottle of Goodness created with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

New Zealand native flower essences created with New Zealand native plants, ferns, trees, seeds and grasses embodying the healing spirit of Aotearoa

True gifts from nature to assist with the stresses of modern day life – supporting a harmonious way of being.

First Light Natural Health® Products

Ready made flower essence blends from the ancient forest of Aotearoa to support and maintain holistic wellbeing.

Offered to assist conditions such as stress, worry, grief, sadness, sorrow, fear, lack of confidence etc.

Suitable for Adults and Children alike.


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