Nurture your internal garden to let your soul grow and flourish

I first heard gardening nun Sister Loyola Galvin being interviewed on the radio about a documentary called ‘Gardening with Soul’ that showed the four seasons in the garden where she was, at that time, the main gardener at Wellington’s Home of Compassion. In her early nineties her voice was clear, she was articulate and she spoke with so much love, compassion and wisdom on a variety of topics. I was captivated by her. Rarely had I heard such common sense spoken about everyday life being integrated with spiritual values.  Mind, body, spirit were woven through her very being. Simple words spoken with a powerful message wrapped up in love.

I knew I had to see the documentary. It started by showing Sister Loyola going about her daily routine in the garden. It was winter and it was snowing and by all accounts was bitterly cold, a day when most of us would prefer to stay indoors. Not Sister Loyola. She was out in the elements, doing her rounds, seeing what needed to be done. She chatted away for the cameras going about her business in a matter of fact way. She was wrapped up to keep her warm as the wind just about blew her off her feet and she used her crutch to help her keep upright – at 90 years old she needed a little help!

As she talked and shared the journey of her life of being of service I was touched to the core of my being. Tears flowed at the sheer beauty of her words, of the garden she so lovingly tended, to the wisdom she shared and of the people she had helped. We were reminded how Nature is our ally, Nature holds all the wisdom, the truths, the lessons inherent with the cycles of life.

The garden provided food for the convent and the community and demonstrated that  when people work together in co-operation with nature, peace and harmony is able to permeate the life.  Sister Loyola reminded me that to be of service to humanity we need to bring compassion, love and kindness into everyday life and to nurture others and ourselves.

In nature things that are dying off are really getting ready for the next phase of life. And that’s how I see it: I think that’s how spirituality helps you to see things. – Sister Loyola

Nurture your External and Internal Garden

As a keen gardener I too find many answers when I am gardening. My mind becomes quiet and I find tending to my plants very therapeutic. Having my hands in the earth connects me to my soul spirit self and as I nurture the earth so I am nurtured. As we weed, prune and plant our physical garden we can reflect this process in our internal world. The place of our soul self. Letting go what needs to go and feeding and caring for the new growth that is waiting to burst forth.

Imagine the beauty of your inner self as an abundant and beautiful garden and let this vision be your guiding light, as in the words of Sister Loyola, you burst forth.

Enjoy tending to your inner garden and see your soul flourish as it bursts forth.

Warm wishes
Tessa Jonassen

I see it [the garden] as a mystery: life waiting to burst forth! – Sister Loyola



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