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All Awash With Emotions

Photo by Ben Maguire on Unsplash All Awash With Emotions   Do you have days when you feel awash with emotions, but can’t quite figure out why you feel off kilter? A little bit sad or angry or just feeling out sorts? We feel out of balance and can't quite get a...

Endings Can Lead To New Ways Of Living

  Endings Can Lead to New Ways of Living Today the the structures that I have had in place during the Level 4 and Level 3 lockdown periods in New Zealand are beginning to crumble as businesses are locating back to their physical premises. This will include yoga...

The Rhythm of Life

Thoughts On The Rhythm of Life   Do you find that each day has its own rhythm and sometimes we are in synch with that rhythm and other days we are out of step? Do you find that it is harder to find your rhythm on somedays more than others? This morning as I stood...

Inspire Joy In Your Soul

Inspire Joy In Your Soul

It is early morning, a light dew on the grass sparkles in the sunlight, the birds in the surrounding trees are singing their song and the hum of bees is in the air, all signalling that a new day has begun. A new day, a new beginning, a fresh start. This scene feels...

Listening To My Soul Self To Find Joy

Listening To My Soul Self To Find Joy

Listening To My Soul Self to Find Joy For several weeks, or perhaps even months, I have been feeling boxed in. This could have been because in Auckland, New Zealand, we have been in winter and hibernation mode and I have spent a lot of time indoors. However, even on...

Nature As Our Teacher

Nature As Our Teacher

Having  recently written about Sister Loyola and the profound, but simple teachings, that shone through her in the documentary ‘Gardening with Soul’, this month my attention has been drawn to an Aboriginal Elder – Max Dulumunmum Harrison know by all as...

The Garden Of Your Soul

The Garden Of Your Soul

Nurture your internal garden to let your soul grow and flourish I first heard gardening nun Sister Loyola Galvin being interviewed on the radio about a documentary called ‘Gardening with Soul’ that showed the four seasons in the garden where she was, at...

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