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My Bottle of Goodness flower essence blends created with award winning First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® to support you to navigate the stresses and strains of daily life

Flower essences are a safe non invasive therapy in the form of oral drops to assist with a wide variety of conditions and emotional upsets. Dispensed in a dropper bottle you essences are easy to take, are highly effective and are safe for all the family, including your pets.

This very special form of sacred plant medicine has been created to address the vast array of emotional and mental states that are causing pain, stress, suffering and upset.

During your consultation, either in my healing space in Athenree, Waihi Beach or online over Zoom or the like, I create a bespoke flower essence blend to address the particular issue have are wishing to change.

Let’s bring more joy, ease, love, peace, happiness into your daily life with the healing power of nature at its finest.

Flower essences may assist with a wide range of emotional upsets including

Stress, anxiety, depression

Emotional wounds, mood swings

Learning difficulties, stage fright, absence of creativity

Worries of all kinds, fears and trauma

Grief, sorrow and sadness

Relationship difficulties and breakups

Empty nest, mid-life crisis, changes in lifestyle etc.

Book In For A One on One Flower Essence Consultation Or Reading

I invite you to book in for a consultation or flower card reading either via Zoom or In Person at my Athenree, Waihi Beach based healing space.

Book your appointment online here

 We call your personalised flower essence blend –

My Bottle of Goodness 

as this is how clients have referred to them over the years!

What ‘Goodness’ would you love to have in your bottle?

My Bottle of Goodness Floral Misters

Individually created floral misters can be created to support your energetic field, your office space, home, car, bedroom etc to clear and purify stuck and old energies. Surround yourself in love, joy, peace, abundance, success etc. There are no limitations!

Each bespoke floral mister is carefully created with First Light® flower essences, pure water and essential oils – your very own Bottle of Goodness.

Order your My Bottle of Goodness Floral Mister today – 50ml bottle is $40 plus shipping


Using the First Light flower essences I feel happier, stronger emotionally and more light hearted.
I am a much more positive person.

Emotionally I feel a lot calmer and I am sleeping well.
You targeted what I needed with great accuracy.
I am so grateful to you.

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