Medicine for the Soul

My Bottle of Goodness 

Flower Essences For The Soul

Personal Consultations – the opportunity to connect with your heart and soul

Clients often describe their flower essences as bottles of goodness and are perfect to take in times of anxiety, stress or worry or when you wish to make changes in your life or crave support and nourishment.

A one on one personal consultation creates sacred space for you to discuss your worries or concerns that are causing pain, grief, stress, sadness or anxiety in the life. You will have the opportunity to gain clarity about your goals, set your intentions and let your soul and spirit be uplifted and nourished.

You will receive a flower essence remedy created with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® that is specifically created to support your individual needs – your very own bottle of goodness – to support you on your path of holistic wellbeing.

Online Appointments are available Flower Essence Consultations and Remedies

via Zoom/Skype

The Nature Of Flower Essences

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® native flower essences are 100 per cent natural gifts from nature and have the potential to change our mindset, transform our beliefs and attitudes and bring us back into a place of harmony and balance.

In addition a remedy may heal emotional pain, past traumas as well as boost our confidence and enthusiasm for life.

These carefully and specifically created bottles of goodness assist us to navigate life and flourish in what can often be challenging times, raising our spirits and helping us move through change with more ease and enable us to thrive in all areas of our life.

Flower essences are extremely useful when we are in crisis as well as when we wish to consciously make significant and lasting changes in our life. This might be in our career, relationships or to explore and expand our innate wisdom and creativity.

Flower essence remedies are safe and easy to take – just a few drops a day under the tongue or added to a water bottle. They are suitable for all the family including our pets.

 Flower Card Readings

If you are at a crossroads or in a place of uncertainty then consider having a flower card reading. During your reading you will have the opportunity to connect with your soul and gain insights and guidance about your current situation and a sense of ‘where to from here’. Working with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® flower essence cards a picture or story is created that will hold messages for you that has the potential to guide your next step with confidence whilst uplifting your spirit.

At the end of your reading I will create a personalised My Bottle of Goodness flower essence remedy made with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® to support you on your journey.

Online Consultations and Readings Are Available via Zoom or Skype

Soothe your soul and uplift your spirit with a specially created flower essence remedy – medicine for the soul.

Regular ingesting of flower essences may address conditions such as:


  • worry, stress, anxiety, depression
  • relationship challenges and breakups
  • low self esteem and confidence
  • lack of concentration, study and focus
  • work and career difficulties or confussion
  • ineffective and unclear communication
  • difficulties with parenting
  • lack of motivation
  • financial worries
  • breaking of unhelpful habits
  • concerns around weight management, body image, eating imbalances
  • grief, loss, sadness sorrow
  • healing trauma
  • juggling work and family/social life
  • disconnection with self and soul
  • feel lost or directionless
  • loss of motivation and enthusiasm for life

Give yourself the gift of a My Bottle of Goodness flower essence remedy

Medicine for the Soul

Using the First Light flower essences I feel happier, stronger emotionally and more light hearted.
I am a much more positive person.

Emotionally I feel a lot calmer and I am sleeping well.
You targeted what I needed with great accuracy.
I am so grateful to you.

We noticed an immediate difference and she called them her Fairy Drops

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