Reiki Energy Healing – Clear Restore Transform

Working in the time old way of the healer shaman we call on Universal healing energies and the plant kingdom to reconnect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to restore balance and harmony.

Reiki energy healing offers support for anyone presenting with these conditions:

  • Feelings of being separated from your soul or spirit
  • Aura impactation
  • Chakra imbalances
  • Worry, stress, anxiety
  • Physical tension or fatigue
  • Emotional and mental exhaustion
  • Patterns of fear and depression
  • Grief, loss, sorrow
  • Relationship concerns
  • Depletion of energy or life force
  • Lack of enthusiasm for life
  • Inertia, lack of direction or purpose
  • Wishing to find more meaning in life
  • Loss of connection to the uniqueness of self
  • Recovering from illness, injury or surgery

In Person and Online Appointments Are Available for Reiki Energy Healing Sessions 

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Holistic Reflexology – Rest Relax Restore

Holistic reflexology is a deeply nourishing and nurturing therapy that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and the soul.

Working with the principal that the feet map all the body systems and organs by gently working each reflex point of the top and bottoms of the feet and lower legs these systems and organs may be brought back into balance. In addition reflexology allows the body to relax and in this state of relaxation holistic healing may occur.

It is a hands on therapy focusing on the reflexes on the feet, hands and sometimes the ears,  offering relief from stress, anxiety and tension and other conditions including:

  • Physical, emotional and mental stress and tension
  • Hormonal, digestive, reproductive imbalances, sluggish lymphatic system
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Feelings of burn out and exhaustion
  • Lack of balance in the life
  • Loss of equilibrium – feeling scattered
  • Uncertainty, worry, fear
  • Feeling energetically depleted

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My Bottle of Goodness Flower Essence Remedies – Medicine for the Soul

Flower essences are true gifts from nature to assist with the stresses of modern day life – supporting a harmonious way of being.

Working with the spirit of the plant to transform outworn attitudes, belief systems, trauma, areas of emotional imbalance these easy to take yet highly effective remedies are offered as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with Reiki or Reflexolgy sessons.

My Bottle of Goodness remedies are individually created to target your specific needs and requirements and taken a few times a day in oral drop form.

Typically follower essences are offered to support the following conditions:

  • worry, stress, anxiety, depression
  • relationship challenges and breakups
  • low self esteem and confidence
  • lack of concentration, study and focus
  • work and career difficulties or confussion
  • ineffective and unclear communication
  • difficulties with parenting
  • lack of motivation
  • financial worries
  • breaking of unhelpful habits
  • concerns around weight management, body image, eating imbalances
  • grief, loss, sadness sorrow
  • healing trauma
  • juggling work and family/social life
  • disconnection with self and soul
  • feel lost or directionless
  • loss of motivation and enthusiasm for life

In Person and Online Appointments Are Available for Flower Essence Consultations

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