Rise From The Ashes in 2021 with this 6 month programme of personal transformation


Rise From The Ashes Like The Phoenix – Leave the old self behind and create the new version of self


You are invited to journey for 6 months to change or upgrade the landscape of your life and create the life that you desire.

You may be drawn to this journey if you are asking yourself some of these questions or contemplating these soul searching prompts

  • What is my dream career or job?
  • Am I living my purpose?
  • I want to connect more deeply with my true essence
  • There must be more to life than this
  • I want a richer and more fulfilled life
  • How can I improve my relationships?
  • Why do these obstacles or challenges keep happening to me?
  • I feel lost or haven’t the motivation to make changes
  • What hidden treasures are lying inside of me waiting to be brought out into the world?

Now, possibly more than ever before, you may wish to make significant and meaningful changes in your life, look with fresh eyes and create a new version of self.

This is what the programme offers you 

Mentoring and Guidance

With one on one mentoring and guidance sessions, together with the tools that I offer to support you, you will take a journey to find the gold that resides within your soul.

Discover More of Your True Essence

Discover more of our true essence, the essence of who you really are that holds so much unexplored potential and the ability to stand in your uniqueness.

Support During The Challenges

There will of course be challenges along the way there always are when we commit to make this type of journey. However, I am here to support you with regular monthly meetings where these challenges will be addressed.

Flower Essence Blends To Support Your Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

Supported with the magic of nature in the form of personalised blends of First Light® Flower Essences to transform your attitudes, beliefs, fears and patterns that are preventing you from creating the life that your soul desires.

The Rise From The Ashes programme is designed for those who wish to

  • Rise out of the ashes and create a new version of self in 2021
  • Find a new direction after unprecedented change experienced in 2020
  • Regain a sense control and stability of their life
  • Make significant and meaningful life changing actions
  • Are interested in uncovering their gifts and purpose
  • Enhance their connection to the Divine
  • Connect with their hearts desires and follow their inner star
  • Lead a richer and more meaningful life
  • To be supported as you take this potentially life changing journey

The Rise From The Ashes Programme 

  • Each month you will have a one hour one on one mentoring and guidance session to connect with and explore your inner world – your soul self.
  • One 20 minute check in during the month if desired
  • During your monthly on line session you will have the opportunity for the promptings of your soul to rise up and be acknowledged.
  • Experience those ‘light bulb’ moments of insight that are the catalyst for change and growth that will take you on to the next stage of your soul’s journey.
  • Gift yourself time once a month to reach the place inside of yourself that reveals your true essence.
  • To be held in sacred space for the magic of transformation to occur
  • This is a 6 month programme facilitated via Zoom/Skype.

The Rise From The Ashes programme includes

  • 6 monthly one hour mentoring and guidance sessions via Zoom/Skype over a 6 month time frame (the frequency of appointments can be adjusted if required)
  • A personalised blend of First Light® Flower Essences will be created for you each month to assist your journey (includes shipping within New Zealand)
  • First session is a 75 minute consultation via Zoom/Skype
  • Subsequent sessions of 60 minutes via Zoom/Skype
  • One 20 minute check in during the month if desired

Fee for the 6 Month Programme

The fee is $120.00 per month for 6 months paid in 6 monthly instalments – details regarding payments via PayPal can be found when you book your space

Book your space now for the Rise From The Ashes programme

Early morning and evening appointments are available for this programme as well as day time sessions to suit your schedule.

Once you have booked your space to start you journey of transformation below email tessa@harmonia.co.nz or phone Tessa on 021 030 8224 to arrange your initial 75 minute Zoom/Skype appointment.

I am more than happy to discuss the programme in more detail with you so please contact me directly.

I very much look forward to supporting you on this journey of soul discovery and growth.

Tessa Jonassen


There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart …….
pursue those

Native American Proverb

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