First Light Natural Health® New Beginnings Support© – Fresh Start



First Light Natural Health® New Beginnings Support© – Fresh Start

–   Stuck in the past, unmoving, starting new
+  Optimism, motivation, positive change, freshness

A highly effective uplifting plant infusion blend to enable a fresh start and a new beginning. Helps to feel uplifted and look forward to new opportunities. Refreshing and strengthening. Use when starting a new job, family, relationship, business, building a house or starting anew after a loss, relocation or major change. Also helpful when undertaking or experiencing personal transformation.

First Light Natural Health® New Beginnings Support© provides natural support when you are experiencing any of the following:

• Experiencing stagnation and a sense of feeling stuck
• Feeling despondent and not looking forward to anything
• Unable to open up to change and new opportunities
• Restricted by fears that prevent you from moving forward
• Fear of the unknown or what is to come
• Feeling life holds no new opportunities or possibilities


• Laying successful foundations for a new job, project, family, relationship, business, building or dwelling or relocation
• Moving forward confidently and assertively
• Transforming old negative patterns and creating a new empowered relationship with life
• Leaving the past behind and making positive new life choices
• Making plans and actioning new dreams
• Unlocking your potential and sowing seeds for future success
• Breaking through loss and limitation and envisioning new possibilities

How to use:

Easy to use 20ml oral drops. Place 2-4 drops directly under the tongue.
Adult: Repeat 3-4 times daily. Child: Repeat 2-3 times daily.
Can be taken more frequently if desired and for as long as required.
Alternatively add 8 drops to a bottle of water and drink throughout the day.
For maximum benefit, once the bottle is opened, continue taking until finished.

Made with specially selected New Zealand native plants.

Broadleaf; Nikau Palm; Wharangi; Houpara; Hangehange; Inkberry; Cabbage Tree

Longer term use may be beneficial when a condition or negative state has been present for some time or continues to be present in the life.

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