Listening To My Soul Self to Find Joy

For several weeks, or perhaps even months, I have been feeling boxed in. This could have been because in Auckland, New Zealand, we have been in winter and hibernation mode and I have spent a lot of time indoors.

However, even on fine days I have felt a reluctance to be outside and even less inclined to get out into the garden and potter around. It was funny that the longer I left getting ‘out there’ the harder it was to ‘get out there.’

During this 3 month period I have asked my soul what I needed to nurture and nourish me and to escape from this boxed in feeling. I didn’t really listen and even when I did listen I ignored the messages.

The penny dropped yesterday though. Once again I asked my soul what I needed to get me out of this boxed in feeling. My soul spoke and this time I really, really listened!

The conversation went something like this:

Me: I feel trapped, boxed in and tired. I am bored and fed up. What do I need to do?

Soul: You spend at least two full days a week in an air conditioned office from 7am to 3pm and then you drive home and stay indoors. On other days you work at home and although you have a park opposite your home you don’t go out and walk and get any fresh air.

Me: silence (it has been wet and cold, but really not a good enough excuse to offer to my soul self)

Soul: You need to get outside, fill your lungs with fresh air and start living again. You need you to do this otherwise you will shrivel up and die.

Me: I hear you! I am sorry! (the box suddenly felt like a coffin that I had put myself in and closed the lid)

Remembering That The Soul Wants To Express Joy

Life can seem so hard and difficult at times, but often the antidote is simple.

A walk in the fresh air, a spot of gardening, connecting with nature. Even doing this for a short period can bring joy and shift the energy. You could say that it lifts the lid and lets the light in!

Simple pleasures feed and nourish the soul so why or why do we deny ourselves?

My soul reminded me that the soul wants to express JOY and that the dear old personality has a habit of sabotaging the soul.

Happy Soul

Today I am pleased to say my soul is much happier as I have been out in the garden, pulled out a few weeds and shifted that boxed in feeling.

The lid is off the coffin and I am ready to start living once again.

Joyful wishes


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