Is What Is In Your Cup Serving You?


As I have been navigating the last 6 weeks of ‘lockdown’ here in Auckland my cup has at times not been as full as I would have liked it to be. And sometimes the content of my cup hasn’t been particularly tasty or nourishing. I was duly reminded by my higher self that I have sovereignty of what I allow to be put into my cup! I needed to be remined that I can choose from my cupboard what I put in my cup. I was reminded that I have access to high quality ingredients that make a tasty and nourishing drink that serves me. I got the message – thank you higher self!

So having looked at what I was putting in my cup I thought I would ask you about what is in your cup and see if it is serving you.

So what do you put in your cup?

What ingredients make your perfect cuppa?

How do we know when the contents of our cup is not full of the goodness we crave?

What do we need to empty out of our cup?

What has ‘gone off’ or is past its ‘use by date’?

How do we work it out?

For me I need to sit in stillness and ask my inner cup these questions. As I sit in the sacred space that is my heart centre I can see, feel or sense what needs to be let go of and what is asking to be placed in my cup. These are the ingredients that my soul is seeking and these ingredients will create the perfect drink for my spirit to sup on.

Letting go is often the first step as we empty the emotions, habits, attitudes that have gone off and are past their use by dates.

This letting go, tipping out or emptying can be a physical action like throwing out a piece of rubbish or it can take the form of transforming a feeling, a behaviour or an attitude that needs to be changed.

Letting go can be:

Letting go of opinions, or needing to be right, of having to have the last word – these may need to be released.

Letting go of anger, pain, suffering, sadness – these may need to be released.

Letting go of a dream, disappointments, goals – these may need to be released

As we gently let what needs to go, go, it allows space for nourishment and nurturing energies to fill your cup.

These nourishing and nurturing energies may come in the guise of compassion, grace, love, foregiveness, hope and kindness.

As these positive qualities enter our consciousness and become part of the way we operate then our cup contains the ingredients to be compassionate, graceful, loving, forgiving, hopeful and kind.

These qualities are all quallities that our soul wishes for us and when we can open our hearts to these soul qualities then we allow our soul to express joy.

When our cup is full of goodness we feel so much better and we can share these uplifting feelings with the world.

It hasn’t been an easy ride during the last year or so and I honour each and everyone of you as you navigate your journey of soul.

May your cup be filled with all the nourishment and nurturing that your soul desires.

With love and blessings


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