It is early morning, a light dew on the grass sparkles in the sunlight, the birds in the surrounding trees are singing their song and the hum of bees is in the air, all signalling that a new day has begun. A new day, a new beginning, a fresh start.

This scene feels romantic and poetical, magical even. In truth it is a scene found in many gardens up and down the country on a spring morning.

Gardens have the potential to create an atmosphere that evokes joy at a soul level. When we connect with nature with all our senses we can feel the breath of spirit within. Our gardens can help us achieve this and they are right on our doorstep.

Spring is the perfect time to take stock of your garden and pay attention to the space that surrounds your home, however large or small. With some focus and action now you will reap the rewards during the coming months.

Clearing the Space

Start with the spaces that you first see in the morning, maybe the view from the bedroom or kitchen window.

  1. Dead head or remove any plants that have died over winter, weed the flower beds and dig over the soil.
  2. Consider what colours you would like to see in this space. Do you want to plant in pots or in the garden or a combination of the two? Do you want flowers for picking, their fragrance, to attract bees or to eat like salad greens?
  3. Collect ideas and check with your local garden centre if your choices are appropriate for the area you are going to plant. e.g. is it a sunny, dry, or damp spot?
  4. Tidy up, sweep the paths, remove any clutter or rubbish, re-cycling and up-cycling where possible.
  5. Consciously link in with the spirit of the garden and ask it what it would like you to do. You may be surprised with its response!

Above all enjoy your garden and thank it for the beauty it shares with all who see it.

Warm Wishes


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