Grab or Gather – Which brings goodness into your life?


For a while now the word ‘grab’ has got to me. When I hear it I feel my body contract and tighten. Grab feels harsh, grasping, and to a greater or lesser degree, desperate. However, when I hear or use the word gather I feel receptive, in the flow, supported and nurtured. My body feels relaxed and open. I feel gathering leads to goodness.

During a delicious restorative yoga retreat in November 2020 (yes here in New Zealand we were fortunate to be able to gather – ah here is that word again – for retreats) the teachers invited us to gather our props to support the deeply restorative poses. We gathered cushions, blankets, pillows and other soft yet supportive items so that we felt safe and secure and in this space we were able to sink deeply into relaxation and nourishment. Our innate natural ability to heal was able to do its job. Our nervous system was able to rest and reset.

In this sacred space I was able to find calmness and allow my body and soul to rest and allow all parts of me to be restored. The deep internal and sacred parts of me softened and relaxed and as the weekend proceeded I felt a big internal shift which expressed as coming to life again. It was rather like a bear going into her cave to hibernate then coming out in the spring to see the world anew.

In January 2021 as I was meditating and contemplating in order to set my intentions for the year. The word gather came to me once again. I have been pondering on what this gathering theme might mean to me and I will share with you some of what has come to mind.

Here they are:-

To gather ideas to expand my knowledge so that I can help others in new or more relevant ways

To gather family, friends and acquaintances who feed and nourish my soul

To gather people who inspire me and help me hold my vision to be of service

To gather my energy so that I can work with more focus, discernment and be more effective

To gather resources that assist and support me to live my purpose

To gather beauty, love, joy, peace, contentment

To gather greater levels of health and wellness

To gather a circle of women who wish to explore their spirituality

To gather flow and movement

To gather goodness

What gathering means to me


Gathering to me is like walking in the most beautiful meadow of wild flowers on a summer day. As I walk the flowers share themselves, their gifts, their healing properties, their love and beauty. I am swaying as I walk, never in a straight line, but going where my heart takes me. In this way there is a knowing that with each step I am walking in the right direction.

So as I continue to navigate 2021 with the energy of gathering I suspect that I will gather more goodness because where we put our attention energy flows.

Wishing you a wonderful 2021 as you, should you feel called to do so, gather all that your soul is wishing to gather.

Much love

Tessa Jonassen

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