Conversations With Soul – My Compass For Truth

Everyone can have an individual relationship with soul and develop a framework of how soul speaks to them. Soul may speak to us in words, images, patterns, colours, symbols, sensations, and feelings. It can be rather like learning a foreign language and can take time and patience to learn. However, I find soul speaks to us in a way and at a level that we can understand.

How do we know that soul is speaking to us?

Personally soul speaks to me of truth. The words, phrases and feeings are positive, uplifting and feel good. Often I feel an expansion in my heart and my breathing becomes slower and deeper. I feel peaceful, relaxed and engaged at the heart chakra.

You could say that soul is my compass for truth. It is the place from where I navigate my best life. A divine place of reference for making important and life changing decisions. Additionally this becomes the place where I find and connect with myself, my true self.

I have learnt over time from my personal experiences, and from working with clients at the level of soul, that the soul is our true individuality and a source of true power.

Consequently this feeling of true power manifests as a knowing and as an ability to create change. Additionally this power acts as a catalyst to harness our courage to take the next step, and to be able to operate outside of preconceived ideas and beliefs.

With this in mind true soul power allows us to step out of old horror stories we habitually tell ourself, and create space for new positive soul stories to be written. This means that these new stories can take us on amazing and wonderful adventures. On truly magical adventures! Wouldn’t that be amazing!

As a result we become open to the tides of power that operate at a soul level and align with the synchronicities that naturally occur in the life. In effect being in the right place at the right time becomes the norm.

How is soul communicating with you?

What are your words, symbols, pictures that best describe the way that you are communicating with soul?

How do you rate your relationship with soul? In other words, how connected to the guidance of soul are you?

To put it another way, I wonder what your next conversation with soul would be, and where this dialogue with soul would guide you. I hope that any guidance received moves you closer to your deepest desires.

Wishing you a magical soul-led and soul guided life.


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Tessa Jonassen specialises in services, products and programmes that nourish, nuture and enable clients to lead a soul-led and soul guided life. She is passionate about assisting souls find their way when feeling lost or stuck, and are wanting to find a deeper spiritual connection within themselves.

“I love assisting clients transform and manifest their true desires and bring the magic back into their daily lives”


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