All Awash With Emotions


Do you have days when you feel awash with emotions, but can’t quite figure out why you feel off kilter? A little bit sad or angry or just feeling out sorts? We feel out of balance and can’t quite get a grip on the day.

I woke up today feeling quite lethargic with no fire in my belly. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why this should be.

It is winter and there was a storm raging outside my window with rain lashing against the window. The wind was gusty and loud. I wanted to curl up and stay in bed. A day under the duvet felt very appealing, however that wasn’t to be. And it wasn’t just the weather that was affecting my emotions.

I looked at my moon calendar and realised the moon was moving through the zodiacal sign of Pisces. Both the Moon and Pisces are influenced by the element of water. So water was a theme flowing through the ether. The moon influences our intuition and impacts how we relate to our third eye chakra. This is the energy centre between our eyebrows in the centre of our forehead.

I also realised that today is Tuesday and in shamanic tradition Tuesday rules the sacral chakra. This energy centre sits just below the navel and is the chakra that influences our sexual drive, our emotions and our creativity. The planet Mars governs this day of the week and with this has the potential to bring a sense of action, drive and fire up our creative impulses.

My action, drive and fire was awash with water and wasn’t keen on taking any action at all! I was leaking energy like water through a sieve.

I tuned in further to see what my body wisdom was telling me. It was feeling overwhelmed with water and the wise one within me wanted me to embrace the cleaning, refreshing, cleansing power of water. It wanted me to go with the flow and use these ‘off kilter’ feelings to be creative – hence I am writing this article.

Writing brings me pleasure, it gives my emotions and feelings an outlet to be expressed, it calms my mind and I see something concrete arise from the waters.

So instead of feeling unproductive and at sea I have used the influences of the watery Moon and Pisces energy together with a dash of fiery Mars energy to be productive. This concoction or alchemy of energy has worked its magic for me today. When we work with the elements, the planets and the zodiac we are much more able to be in the flow of life and the greater cosmos.

These cosmic influences are our powerful allies to help us navigate our lives and link into our divine map that is the energetic blue print that appears in the sky at the time of our birth.

More about our energetic blue print another time.

That is another interesting story.

Much love

Tessa Jonassen

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