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Harnessing The Healing Power Of Rest, Relaxation and Restoration

Having spent many, many years in the corporate world in a diverse rage of roles and professions it became apparent that to keep my sanity and stress levels at bay I needed to find support. This was amplified with the constant juggling of career, raising two now adult sons as well as trying to have some sort of meaningful personal relationships and a social life. At times I felt overwhelmed physically, mentally and emotionally. I knew I had to find a way to bring more balance and harmony into my life.

Help came in 2007 when I discovered First Light® flower essences and Reiki and immediately embraced the many benefits that these natural therapies brought into my life. I began to feel calmer, more confident and connected to my internal life. My heart and soul. I would say that 2007 was the year that life changed for the better for me and for my family.

From personal experience and from seeing so many of my colleagues, friends and peers, and in particular women struggle, I felt the pull to assist others who were drawn to finding a more natural way of addressing stress, exhaustion, burnout and the multitude of challenges that are ever present in the 21st century.

So Harmonia came into being and I have been assisting clients for well over 10 years to harness the healing power of rest, relaxation and restoration.

The heart of the services I offer is to provide women (and often their husbands, partners and other family members) with a place where they can rest, relax and allow their body, mind, emotions and spirit self to be healed and restored.

I welcome, help, and support women who wish to improve and enhance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

I love to help those women and their family who wish to be nourished and nurtured and re-connect with their soul self, find their true essence, enhance their intuition and connect with their inner wisdom. This process is a soulful journey of empowerment and love.

With a kind and gentle approach I provided sacred space for clients to feel at ease tailoring each session to each person’s individual needs.

You may be drawn to a Reiki session, or perhaps you enjoy the more physical touch of Reflexology, either way you will have the opportunity to connect with your soul self and leave feeling more energised, balanced and complete.

If you are looking for a therapy to assist with emotional balance you may wish to include a take home My Bottle of Goodness flower essence blend or book in for a flower essence consultation to explore more deeply the underlying causes of worry, stress or anxiety.

If you are uncertain about which session would best suits your needs then please send me a note either by text or email and I will see what would be best for you.

I am here to help you and am happy to answer your questions.

With love

The Healing Qualities Of Plants and Nature

The healing qualities of plants that I use to support my clients are in the form of exceptionally high quality New Zealand native flower essences and pure essential oils.  Traditional healer shamans always worked with plants for a healing outcome and as a modern day medicine woman I include plants in all the healing sessions I offer at Harmonia. They truly nurture and nourish the soul and it is my experience that they enhace both Reiki and Reflexology therapies.

Professional Qualifications

Tessa Jonassen is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner and a fully qualified Reflexologist holding a Diploma in Reflexology. She is also a certified Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach.

Her past and ongoing professional development includes regular attendance of First Light® Flower essence workshops as well as ongoing studies with The Medicine Woman Centre of Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®. She holds certificates in the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons®, Medicine Woman Healers Studies® and Medicine Woman Shamanic Studies® and has completed the course work for the Medicine Woman Certificate of Advanced Shamanic Studies® and has holds a certificate for the Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents®.  In 2021 Tessa completed the Ritual of the Twelve Gates© – An Alchemical Journey Through the Emerald Tablet to Return to the Goddess.

Take a slow deep breath and relax. You have arrived at a place where help is on hand. I can help you navigate the stresses of modern day life. You will be, nurtured, nourished and empowered to lead a vibrant and soul filled life. At this time in the world’s history we all need time to rest, relax and restore our inner and outer worlds.

Tessa Jonassen – Modern Day Medicine Woman

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