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Welcome to Harmonia

Healing for the Soul

Take a slow deep breath and relax.
You have arrived at a place where help is on hand.
Be it with relationships, work, career, family dynamics,
your physical health or spiritual wellbeing.

You will be, nurtured, nourished and empowered to lead a vibrant and soul filled life.


Tessa Jonassen
Modern Day Medicine Woman

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Address Stress Anxiety Worry Upset Grief Sadness Career Relationships Physical & Emotional Pain

I always feel better after the Reiki sessions, they are magic! Thanks again, always a pleasure to see you. You are a burst of sunshine!

Using the First Light flower essences I feel happier, stronger emotionally and more light hearted. I am a much more positive person. When using the First Light flower essences I seem to be more motivated, better at looking after myself and others. My goals become clearer and I achieve more.

We called them her Fairy Drops. We immediately noticed more of a calmness.

Emotionally I feel a lot calmer and I am sleeping well. You targeted what I needed with great accuracy. I am so grateful to you.

My son was becoming unfocused, overwhelmed and edgy before critical senior exams. The FLFE blend got him back to a place of self control and knowing what he needed to do.

I can definitely feel the Reiki and Essences have helped me immensely.

Still feeling lovely and relaxed and loving the clear headedness.

I was walking on marshmallow you brought me equilibrium.

My mind switched off and I felt relaxed and slower.

I feel so relaxed and peaceful.

I felt so empowered and this assisted me to move on from a situation that was de-energising me. Tessa is incredibly present when working alongside her and I cannot stress enough how beautiful that is

Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.

~Helen Keller

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Tessa Jonassen

45 Whenuapai Drive


Auckland 0618

+64 21 030 8224

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